Blue Zone Okinawa wellness stay

“At the ‘Blue Zone Okinawa Wellness Stay‘, we offer a new approach that satisfies both visitors to Okinawa and the residents of Okinawa Prefecture. Our initiative ensures that the income generated from its implementation is returned to the local community.

To achieve this, we work closely with local businesses that are deeply familiar with the area’s resources. By directly engaging with local producers, manufacturers, cultural performers, and residents, we aim to let visitors experience and learn about the authentic lifestyle, fostering interactions and creating “TSUNAGARI” (connections).

The connection with people, the bond with the community, the relationship with society, the link with nature, the tie with the world; these various “TSUNAGARI” (connections) are the secrets of longevity in Blue Zones Okinawa. And now, as we look towards a post-COVID world, these connections offer hints for “living better”, insights into “ways of life”, and are the most crucial keywords in proposing the next-generation lifestyle.”

Note: “TSUNAGARI” is a Japanese word that means “connection” or “link.”

Comprehensive Development & Supervision

© Masashi Arakawa

Center of Wellness Research, Faculty of Global and Regional Study, 

University of the Ryukyus.